Company Snapshot

Echo: / 'eko: / imitate or repeat the words, opinions, or actions of a person or company.

At Echo, our focus is on creating echoes - crafting the right message, spreading the word, and hearing it come back in a stronger and bolder form. Our echoes close the loop between strategic public relations planning and program execution.

Echo first blossomed in the summer of 2001 when company founder, Jodi Echakowitz, made a decision to embark on a career outside the world of corporate public relations and venture into the agency domain as a consultant.

After working with small boutique firms and large multi-national agencies during her corporate career, Jodi had a clear understanding of her own expectations as a client. She knew exactly what it would take to translate her experiences into a unique approach to public relations consulting. She knew that to differentiate Echo from the countless agencies in the market, the company would need to deliver highly personalized service, superior attention to detail and unbeatable results.

Today, Echo provides a range of public relations, corporate communications and business writing services that exceed expectations. Our client base is comprised of discerning businesses in a variety of different sectors, including technology, telecom, logistics, financial services, and non-profit, among others. Our team includes a network of highly experienced consultants, each with no less than ten years of experience and the same unwavering focus on delivering results.



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